Vets Beyond Borders

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From the website of Vets Beyond Borders

Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) is an Australian-based charity, established in 2003. We work with communities around the world, delivering animal health and community awareness programs where they are desperately needed.

Around the world, hundreds of animal welfare organisations are striving to improve the lot of millions of animals that have no other access to veterinary attention. All too often, a main obstacle to providing such treatment is a lack of adequate veterinary health facilities and clinical personnel, resulting in widespread animal suffering.

VBB recruits highly experienced volunteer vets and vet nurses, deploying them them into these communities to work with local vets and associated staff to provide quality animal care.

We also deliver clinical training to refine the skills of animal welfare workers overseas, and a community/school education program designed to increase awareness of the importance of kindness to animals, how to behave around animals and responsible pet ownership.

The benefit of our work is demonstrated by the success of the SARAH (Sikkim Animal Rabies & Animal Health) Program in India.

Over the last decade, as a result of the work of VBB volunteers and local staff, this statewide initiative has led to marked improvements in animal health and a dramatic reduction in the number of rabies deaths.


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