It all started when I wanted to help the world.

I love the satisfaction I feel when helping others. No matter what it is.
~ Animals. Wildlife and pets.
~ People. Adults and kids.
~ The earth. Plants, the ocean, and the land.

Helping the world is core to what I desire to be and do.

And yet, I’m only one person.

How can I help enough to make a difference? I know the story of the starfish, and how saving one starfish means the world for that individual starfish, but I still find myself overwhelmed with all that could be – and needs to be – done. This is especially true in times of great tragedy.

I was introduced to Mister Roger’s Neighborhood as an adult. I missed out watching him and learning the amazing lessons he taught children (and adults). When I heard the quote about looking for helpers, I knew I’d found a touchstone. What better way to stop feeling overwhelmed than becoming overwhelmed with the goodness of others?

One weekend, I was overcome with some of the power imbalances in the world. I tried to refocus on the good in the world, but still the negative crept into my mind. I wished for a website where it was easy to see the helpers. Where I could focus on helping people help the world in their own way. Where it was obvious that help was available for people in need. And then I realized I could provide that. I could create a site to find the helpers, whether to receive help or to give help.

This site is what I needed. By giving it, I have gained a clear awareness of how many giving people and organizations are in the world.

My hope is that this site helps you find the helpers, for whatever help you need, or whatever help you’re able to give.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for caring.

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