From the website of CareFlash

What’s the general idea behind CareFlash?

CareFlash is service that facilitates “Community” among friends and family in ways that drive better outcomes in experiences including:

  • Injuries or illnesses

  • Wellness challenges

  • Eldercare

  • Deployed military members

  • Reintegrating veterans

  • Natural disasters

  • Hospice

  • Moving forward after a death

Dealing with circumstances such as these can be unsettling. Your family is special with its unique bonds. Create your own private online Careopolis(s) that help families work through difficult challenges and decisions surrounding caring for loved ones in ways that enhance quality of life and nurture better outcomes.

Communities help family care providers maintain balance in their lives while engaging the most important people around a loved one. Here are some of the features that make it work:

  • A private blog for communicating recovery updates, well wishes and meaningful dialogues

  • An interactive iHelp calendar for tastefully but unobtrusively engaging much-needed assistance from friends with tasks, errands, meals and much else

  • Rich spiritual and educational information including plainly-narrated 3-D health and wellness animations

  • A photo page, for sharing and re-living warm memories together

  • Communities are easily set-up in 2-3 minutes, requiring no technical training


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